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Best Day Trips from Dubai

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced resident or visiting Dubai on a break, there’s a good amount of attractions, restaurants and different experiences to explore. But beyond Dubai, the nearby emirates are all within a three hour drive, and each provides a wealth of natural, social and advanced experiences to give the soul, whether your trip style is island luxury, traditional exploration or high-octane adventure.


Situated in the southern area of part, Al Ain  is really a peaceful and tranquil oasis in the middle of the dry desert. It endures the hot springs water. Al-Ain is great for all that leisure you’re looking for. The weather is cooling because of the lavish green groves and the water springs.


If you’re searching for a quiet Arabian town, Hatta is the perfect location for one of the weekend trips from Dubai. It is positioned east of the country in the Hajar Mountains. You get a view of the traditional houses that are well-preserved. There is also the option of hiking along the mountain paths, which are cool. Hatta trips typically offer an understanding of the wild side of UAE.

Ras al Khaimah

The Emirate of Ras al Khaimah – passionately referred to as RAK – makes it clear they are the adventure Emirate of the UAE, and due to this, it’s among the best day trips from Dubai!   Home to the UAE’s highest peak Jebel Jais, Toroverde now operates the world’s longest zip line from the mountain’s top! Adrenaline lovers are now able to speed along at 150km/hr 1680 meters over the ground and take in the magnificent, rugged Hajar Mountain sights over almost 3 kilometers!

If that’s a bit excessive for you (I’m going a little pale just considering it!) then you will find lots of other outdoor adventures that can be appreciated almost all year round.  Horse riding and biking are popular, in addition to water sports on the expansive coast line to the Arabian Gulf.


Otherwise known as the Empty Quarter’ is a desert settlement and is an area best-suited for those thinking about going through the endless roads in a desert. There are many amazing roads in the UAE and roads in the Empty Quarter are unquestionably among them. Even though the vast desert offers panoramic views along with a soothing environment, the route to Liwa is also a stunning one. The golden sand mountains alone would certainly induce you to make stops from time to time.

However, the roads may sometimes be put through sandstorms and are engrossed in dust so you better drive very carefully. Other major attractions for adventure lovers and people are the heritage sites, forts, Tal Mireb – a 300-meter high sand dune and Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort in Al Dhafra, famous for its stunning sunrise and sunsets.